Ask a Futurist

In theory, I’m supposed to know everything about everything. I don’t, but I do have fun trying. And I’ve probably thought about most topics related to the future. Accordingly, if you have a question about the future that you’d like to ask, go ahead.

I may not know, but if I’ve thought about it, I’ll give it a shot.

I don’t answer questions about little green men, flying saucers, the Mayan calendar “end of the world”, whether a particular sports team will win the championship, or the Second Coming. My role has been described as being a “scientific futurist”, and I try to deal in facts and projections.

You should also be aware, though, that when anyone talks about the future, whether they are an economist, a politician, a futurist, or anyone else, they are giving you their opinions. The future hasn’t happened yet, and there are no facts about something that hasn’t happened. However, there is a big difference between educated guesses and uneducated guesses. I aim for the former, and my objective is to help organizations plan for the uncertainties ahead.

The fine print: I reserve the right to post the most interesting questions along with my response. I won’t identify the questioner, but may post their initials. All questions and answers become the property of Futuresearch and may be used at our discretion.

Please email me at with your question.