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From Crush to Crash: The Future of Video-On-Demand

by futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A. There’s a crash coming in the video-on-demand (VOD) business, and while we can’t know who’s going to survive, we can assess the landscape and make some guesses. But let’s start by going back and trace the roots of the current market crush, then look at how it’s going to lead […] Read More

Is Using the Internet on Exams Cheating?


by futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A. Zine is deadheading, which is to say he’s asleep. “Deadheading” is a slang term that means he’s unplugged from the Net, and is not presently conducting multiple online interactions. Sometimes he stays plugged in – or “zup,” which some think means “heads up” while others believe it derives from the […] Read More

Your Job, Not Your Car, Is Killing the Environment

The majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from non-residential sources by futurist Kit Worzel These days, everyone is more environmentally aware, and and I’m thankful it is so. The amount of damage done to the environment by human sources is immense, so every step we take to mitigate this is a good one. Recycling, using […] Read More

Why Millennials Will Pwn The Future

by futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A. The clichés about Millennials are widespread, and often baseless. But suppose they’re more than just clichés? One of the great things about being a conference speaker is that I get to learn things from amazing people, both on stage and off. Along the way, I’ve been able to listen to […] Read More

Should Self-Driving Cars Be Banned?

by senior futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A. After dark, on March 18th, 2018, a pedestrian was killed by an experimental, self-driving car owned by Uber as the pedestrian crossed a street in Tempe, Arizona. The month before, a driver was killed in a crash in a Tesla on its Autopilot setting in Mountain View, California. And […] Read More

Bitcoin Is Dangerous – and Worthless

by senior futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A. Bitcoin was the first crypto-currency, and still the most widely known. It has been making headlines in large part because some of the people who have bought it have made fortunes, at least in theory. In turn, this has seduced other people to pile in, which has pushed up […] Read More

What’s Happened to Inflation? And Why Does It Matter?

by senior futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A. At this stage in an economic cycle, inflation has usually reared its head, and the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) is typically thinking about taking the punchbowl away from the (stock market) party by jacking up interest rates. In turn, this usually kills the economic recovery, tipping us over […] Read More

18 Things to Watch for in 2018

by futurists Richard Worzel & Kit Worzel 2018 is going to be remarkable in many different ways. Indeed, when we put together our lists for the most important changes ahead in 2018, we wound up with so many we decided we couldn’t discuss them all, and settled on 18 things for 2018 (catchy, right?) that […] Read More

Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Take Your Job (Probably)


by futurist Kit Worzel Artificial intelligence and robots are making incredible progress. Recently, Boston Dynamics released footage of one of their latest robots that can do backflips, and land them handily. It’s been over a decade since a human beat a top-class chess AI. We have self-driving car prototypes being tested, and getting ready for […] Read More