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Clients & Testimonials
Clients & Testimonials

Below is a brief selection selected from over 20 years of testimonials. If you would like to look through a more complete list of testimonials, click here.

Groups or companies wishing to know more should contact me directly at or phone 1-416-489-4511.

“The only thing we could have done better was to have invited you to speak sooner!"
- Standard Life

"What sets you apart from most professional speakers is your willingness to learn about our industry and to work with us through two sets of revisions to your talk. ... It's almost unheard of for a speaker to take such pains, and we appreciated it."
- World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, Orlando

"This is the third time we've used Richard's services ... I very much doubt we would have been able to accomplish anywhere near as much without Richard's guidance."
- Caudwell Wingate

"You not only met, but clearly exceeded our always high expectations for this select client event. ...Where will we find another speaker capable of following your act?"
- Endurance Insurance & Reinsurance

"Your presentation fit perfectly with what we've been trying to put forward to our selling partners."
- Motorola Solutions, Las Vegas

"The session itself was nothing short of our most successful retreat to date. ...The audience was so engaged in the discussion [that] they asked Richard to return after lunch for another hour and to join the group for dinner on Saturday night."
- CEO Edge, Miami Beach

"We're still getting rave reviews about your keynote! ... I have worked with countless speakers in my 15 years of experience, and I can say that it's rare to encounter a presenter willing to customize as you did."
- Greater Washington Society of Association Executives

"For the first time in the history of our event, every single [prospective client] contacted us to make an appointment."
- Integral Wealth Securities

"We invited and almost challenged you to speak about Global Trends and excite and motivate a group of veteran International Marketing Representatives, but with your engaging delivery and extremely impressive visuals you certainly rose to the occasion and surpassed our requirements!"
- IMAX Corporation

"Richard provided cleverly steered, thought-provoking insights into the future that captivated the audience, able to make connections with not only the global banking economy but also our Hollywood theme. ... HSBC was thrilled and I wouldn't hesitate to use Richard again."

"Enlightening...Funny...Honest...One of the most interesting presentations by the most eye-opening speaker I've heard in a very long time"
- Canadian Information Processing Society

"Richard was, once again, the most highly rated speaker at the Conference."
- Foodservice Consultants Society International, Minneapolis

"Richard Worzel was a pleasure to work with. He took extra time to cater his message specifically to meet the needs of our very unique audience—no canned speeches here!"
- International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Calgary

"In engaging Richard Worzel as our Keynote ... we made the best choice for our audience. Richard was a pleasure to work with from the beginning... He is very charismatic and confident in his message, which sat well with our audience as they are forever planning for the future. We would ask him back in a heartbeat."
- Annual Defined Contribution Plan Summit, Banff

"A perfect balance of theoretical and practical ... Richard's presentation was awesome! He totally knew his subject matter, spoke off the cuff and with complete candor. His insights (although somewhat terrifying to consider) prompted out-of-the-box thinking."
- Risk and Insurance Management Society

"As an independent event planner, I would grade Richard Worzel's presentation a 10 out of 10! Richard not only made sure that I had all of the information I needed, but he also spent a considerable amount of time with my client to make sure that his presentation was relevant, timely and ‘spoke' directly to the issues being faced by the delegates.
- HPB Association Management Services

"Richard was a complete professional and a fabulous speaker. ... He went above and beyond the average speaker to give me whatever I needed in order to offer my members exactly what they needed."
- Toronto CFA Society

"You kept the interest of the Ph.D's in the room without losing the non-scientists in the audience. Not an easy feat!"
- Life Sciences Industry Summit, New York

"You held the audience captive."
- Farm Business Management Council

"You spoke to a group that was up all night...One of our vide-presidents turned to me and said, ‘That's the best thing I've heard in ages'"
- Rogers Media

"The results were beyond expectation. ... we had 200 more attendees than projected."
- Great Pacific Management

"Richard's presentation style was nothing short of excellent. ... During his presentation a note was passed to me by one of our committee members indicating that "Richard was a great choice, the audience is absolutely captivated."
- Johnson & Johnson

Richard Worzel
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