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Keynote & Workshop Topics
Keynote & Workshop Topics

I'm frequently asked what topics I speak on, often by a conference organizer who wants to know what to put in a conference brochure or propose to a conference committee. The answer is that it depends on what would be most useful for your group. The future is a broad, complex subject, and there's always a lot to discuss, so the key question truly is: what aspects of the future will be of most value to your conference or workshop, and the people involved? Having said that, I know it helps to have some idea of the kinds of topics I've spoken on in the past. Accordingly, here are some of subject areas within which I've created presentations or workshops in the past.

Many of these descriptions were written by me for conference organizers to put into their conference brochures, but remember that all of them represent descriptions from the past. The topic I create for your conference or workshop will depend on what you and I decide would be of greatest interest and importance to your event. Likewise, if you don't see a topic that is just right, contact me and let's come up with one that fits perfectly.

When we discuss the topics that will be most interesting to your people, you know that together we will factor in those aspects of the future that will affect your organization, your industry, and your life. The result is a presentation or a keynote that is specifically relevant to your organization. You can check some of the testimonials I've received to verify how well this process works.

If you have any questions about your conference, or what might be most suitable, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call me (416-489-4511) or email me. I'd be happy to discuss possibilities with you before you make a decision about whether I'd be the right choice for your event.

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Excerpt from a Client Testimonial

As usual, you provided me with your full speaking notes for review (you are still the only keynote speaker ever to do this for me) and then ensured that you and I took the time to have a substantive discussion regarding the content and my concerns.

Just as you had done in the past, you worked very hard to hit just the right note on a cold winter day in New York City.


Richard Worzel
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