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  • Life & IT: The Revolution Begins
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People are fascinated by the future because it affects their lives, their jobs, and their wealth and welfare. And the future is a topic that fits every conference, and involves everyone in your organization. That's why Richard Worzel, Chartered Financial Analyst, best-selling author, and one of today's leading futurists, trend analysts, and innovation specialists, is in such demand as a speaker, consultant, and writer.

And although he's a top trend analyst, he has developed new tools to go beyond mere trend watching, including Pre-trending™, which identifies new trends as they emerge, and TrendVelocity™ analysis, which clarifies how and when things are likely to happen.

He conducts structured innovation sessions that dovetail into your strategic planning and product design, including proprietary innovation techniques, and brings a keen understanding of why innovation can be so difficult, and how organizations can unknowingly undermine their own innovation efforts. Part of this is a process Richard calls Inventing the Future. The results help an organization remake their approach to innovation, the marketplace, and tomorrow.

Richard makes compelling keynote speeches to set the table at the start of a conference, or can end it with a bang. He leads intriguing workshops that range from a couple of hours, to days or even months of strategic planning. And he can help you plan and prepare for our uncertain future.

» Keynote & Workshop Topics

I'm often asked what topics I speak on, so I've created an extensive list of subject areas within which I've created presentations or workshops in the past. Many of these descriptions were written by me for conference organizers to put into their conference brochures.

» Articles & Books

This area includes a collection of articles on various topics, as well as information on some of my other books and publications. You can subscribe to the Futurist-News Mailing List to receive occassional updates and new feature articles of note by email.

Feature Article:
The Future of Food: Farming It, Processing It, Packaging It, Selling It, Eating It

Almost everything about food is going to change, and in ways we don't expect. Here's why.
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Latest Article:
5 Things You Need to Know About Living Forever

How long will you live? How long can you live? The answers to both these questions are changing rapidly. Here's why.
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» Clients & Testimonials

  • "Your extremely informative presentation provided us with important tools for considering what the future may hold. The talk was fast paced but packed with information. I truly enjoyed every minute of it...." - California Farm Bureau Federation, December 2011
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